Monday, August 30, 2010


i got the result for the sem 1
thanked Allah for giving me such an awesome number for the pointer
3.67,just nice
i feel good
more than what i've expected
thanks to all of the lecturer that's help me a lot
without you all i'm nothing

Sunday, August 29, 2010

the shot

ary ni dh tnjukkn shot skill in front of da lecturer
some of my friends were nervous,like they were having parkinson
i'm just did it steadily,control cun beb,korang apa taw
tomorow it will be a nightmare @ a sweet dream for me
the result for sem 1 will be announced
i'm getting nervous when thinking of it
hopefully it will be a sweet dream,there is butterfly in my stomach
please pray for me......

Saturday, August 28, 2010

new one

as a nursing student today i learn how to gave a shot to the client or pt's
it is a new things
need more practice than the theory
practice,practice and practice
we used the orange as a medium and assume that orange as a our pt's
3 types of injection
im[intramuscular,the deeepest one,the most painful]
iv[intravenous,near your vein]
id[intradermal.just under your skin]
i will give the shot in front of my lecturer tommorow
hopefully nothing bad happened,then wish me luck so that i'm don't nervous
while doing that procedure

my feeling

at least aq dpt jgk buat blog aq
just for me n maself so that i colud tell my feel in the right way