Thursday, September 30, 2010


There many things in my mind right now
It’s all about my future...i just got an interview from the spa as a nurse
I think i’m going....i can’t stop thinking about it
All about if,if,if...i’m thinking about the possibilities,it were because i showed very bad performance for this semester....
If i pass the interview then i have to stop my study at masterskill collegue right now
I have to pay for the loan almost 20k and above....a very big value
But if i get into the government i will have a very bright future instead of i’m stay at masterskill
I love my friend right know and its hard for me to make new friends....


Aq bersyukur sgt2x
Alhamdulillah.....Allah mmg sygkn aq
Ari tu mse 1st time dpt offer dri spa aq x g
Mybe x de rezeki
Ari tu aq dpt taw aq kne pegi praktikal kt rmh org tua lgi....
Alamak rmh org tua lagi,nk g hospital
Aq xnak pegi trganu,aq nk g johor
Tapi Allah itu maha penyayang dn maha mengetahui semuanya
Tgk2 se mlm aq dpt offer spa for 2nd time
Kt trganu....kebetulan yg indh
Mse tu aq dh ada kt trganu.....suke2x
Aq kol kwn aq tnye rmh kt ne...dkt ke x dgn hospital
Dy ckp dri rmh dh bleh nampak hosp....best2x
Aq trsenyum,Allah dh bnyk tlg aq,x kn aq nk siakan peluang ni lagi
Aq kene buat betul2x
Hope aq dpt.......Alhamdulillah

Monday, September 20, 2010


i got to go to rumah sejahtera at kt
life could become sucks coz i need to be there for 6 weeks
while the others at their posting for 4 weeks only
i have no friends
miss my gang

Friday, September 3, 2010


maybe she too happy for what she being doing right now
she just ignoring me
i don't know why
i know that she the oversea student but that just was of her parents money
nothing  more than that

Thursday, September 2, 2010

bercinta x beerti memilki

i don't know why but the those words just keep crossing my mind
it makes me thinks a lot
maybe it's from my observation
for all those lovers that i've been evaluating they like to control their couple
could they just let their bf/gf doing everything thats they like
maybe they like it & feel that there is someone who care,think & love them
but for me it just like a load u know,it's make me feel uneasy
maybe because of i'm not used to such those thing
sometimes i'm feel lonely but for me single is beautiful
i don't need to think about how to care others people feeling
i'm free to do everything,i'm feel dizzy,i dont like that comitment
maybe one day i need it but not for now